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Lucideon releases new guidance for ceramics

A guidance document on domestic and hospitality ceramic tableware has been released to help industry members understand the new British standard

Lucideon, the international materials and technology company, has released a new guidance document ‘Introduction to BS 8654:2015, Domestic and Hospitality Use Ceramic Tableware Articles Intended for Contact with Foodstuffs – Specification’.

The guidance document has been prepared to help industry members better understand the new standard released by BSi.

The standard was prepared for BSi by a team of ceramic tableware experts from Lucideon, the UK tableware manufacturing sector and the UK retail sector.

The new British Standard contains all the ceramic performance specifications from PAS 54 for domestic ceramic ware plus several new performance criteria which have been introduced. These include: revisions to supporting testing standards since 2003, the publication of performance requirements for hospitality tableware, definitions for vitrified stoneware and terracotta, a performance specification and test method for measuring the intrinsic strength of hospitality tableware, non-stick behaviour of ovenware and hob-top ceramic utensils. References to table top glassware and vases have been removed.

Nigel Leak, Project Leader, Ceramics at Lucideon said: “This new standard sets a higher level for technical performance for domestic and hospitality ware which will stimulate manufacturers to drive up quality levels. We are seeing new regulations and definitions being brought in to help standardise some performance areas that have previously had less guidance. The new standard sends out a clear message that the ceramic tableware sector is committed to ensuring that end users are getting a quality product.

“We would recommend all persons involved in the manufacture, distribution, retail, testing and use of ceramic tableware, to study the contents of the new standard, in particular, the new testing requirements and test methods.”

Lucideon's guidance document can be downloaded from the Ceramics section of the website at
Copies of the new standard can be obtained by visiting the BSi website:

About Lucideon
Lucideon is a leading international provider of materials development, testing and assurance. Through its offices and laboratories in the UK, US and the Far East, Lucideon provides materials and assurance expertise to clients in a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, construction, ceramics and power engineering. The company aims to improve the competitive advantage and profitability of its clients by providing them with the expertise, accurate results and objective, innovative thinking that they need to optimise their materials, products, processes, systems and businesses.

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