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Diddy diners rejoices!

Lush Designs delivers two new stunning tableware designs for children

Known for its gorgeous hand-drawn prints on homewares and gifts, British company Lush Designs has launched two new sets of children’s tableware featuring the beautifully drawn Unicorn and Lion.

Fusing fantasy and nature, the illustrations are contemporary and colourful – detailed drawings in cheerful turquoise and orange.

Each of the designs deliver a child-sized plate, bowl and mug – made of melamine, it is hardy in use and easy to clean as well as being dishwasher safe. The plate measures 20 cm, the bowl 14 cm , and the mug 7 cm.

It comes in a pretty gift box which makes it a great gift for tiny diners. The sets are designed by Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings and are available at their website

About Lush Designs
Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings met at Art school and both live in South East London. They developed their home ware design business utilising their love of drawing and knowledge of printmaking. They apply their playful, narrative ideas to a large range of products which all bear their characteristic prints. They are constantly creating new products and exploring new media and processes, working with manufacturers and artisans as well as their own South East London studio.

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