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Magpie pay homage to mid-century design

Known for its nostalgic mix and match tableware, British brand Magpie celebrate modernist style with its latest collection

Based in London, UK, Magpie is knbown for delivering nostalgic, colourful, mix and match tableware and home accessories and making everything suitable for vegans.

A celebration of mid-century style, The Modern Home: A-Z of the Atomic Era is the latest colourful collection of mix and match tableware, kitchenware and stationery by independent homeware company, Magpie.

In homage to this influential design movement, The Modern Home has a distinctly retro feel and features a witty alphabetical compendium of 26 of the last century’s most iconic designs illustrated in a beautiful vintage screen-print style.

Spot favourite modernist images across the range, F for fridge to M for the iconic wooden monkey. A stylish addition to any home, this is a must-have collection for discerning mid-century design lovers.

The porcelain tableware collection features individually boxed mugs, a boxed set of 4 side plates, a boxed set of 4 espresso cups and saucers, a boxed set of 2 cups and saucers.

About Magpie
Based in London, Magpie is the brainchild of designer Nicky Sloan and was created in 2011 to cater to a gap Nicky had spotted in the homewares market for nostalgic, colourful, mix and match tableware and home accessories. Nicky launched Magpie with a range of ceramics based on her love of British design from the last century. Since then, Magpie has grown steadily, both in the design ranges it offers and the customers who stock it.
Magpie has focused on ranges with a distinctly British edge, nostalgically evoking childhood trips to the seaside, teatime with the grandparents, camping trips to the woods and an unwavering love for the flora and fauna found within the British Isles. Collaborating with numerous artists, both upcoming and established, Magpie, like its feathered namesake, is an inveterate gatherer and hoarder who is fast becoming a familiar part of the retail landscape and now boasts over 500 unique products.


Magpie’s love of nature extends to their methods of manufacture and everything they make is suitable for vegans. Their products are all cruelty free without compromising on their design. So Magpie ceramics are all made from porcelain, which uses a mixture of three clays, kaolin, quartz, and feldspar. Magpie do not use bone china, which is made from 50% animal bone, burnt and then ground up and mixed with the clay. All their bags and purses are made from animal friendly cotton, pleather and polypropylene. All their cards and notebooks are made from 100% recycled paper

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