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Maison Preview: ANNA New York by RABLABS

Inspired by nature and using semi-precious gems, new brand ANNA New York (RABLABS) will debut her stunning and luxurious new tableware at the Paris show

ANNA New York by RABLABS is a brand-new homeware brand from designer Anna Rabinowicz.

Inspired by nature, her first collection, which includes tableware items such as coasters, trays and placemats, fuse ancient, precious materials with cutting-edge design. Anna uses a luxurious palette of materials, laying semi-precious gems like agate and crystal and adding finishing touches like pure gold and sterling silver.

The Amostra range (pictured) is made from hand-polished Lucite, inspired after viewing gemstones through a looking glass. The collection includes trays, bowls, coasters and platters, with some pieces incorporating metal and comes in three stunning shades.

Her pieces include tableware items such as coasters, trays and placemats.

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