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Introducing Native & Co

A new independent London lifestyle shop specialising in Japanese and Taiwanese homewares has opened in London

Native & Co is an independent homeware and lifestyle shop that quietly opened the doors of their Notting Hill shop in December 2014.

Founded by two product designers, Taiwan born Sharon Jo-Yun Hung and British-Japanese Chris Yoshiro Green, the shop specialises in craft-based home products that are predominantly sourced locally in Japan and Taiwan.

There are no shortage of independent craft shops in the UK, but it’s Native & Co’s combination of artisan Japanese products coupled with rare Taiwanese finds that make it unique.

Working with small suppliers, specialist workshops and local craftsmen, Native & Co seek out simple pieces of a discrete nature, with beautiful subtle details. Objects with purity, where the material’s natural beauty is left untarnished. The carefully edited collections that span Dining & Kitchen, Household, Cushions & Throws and Bags & Accessories, compliment an interior without dominating it.

With a background in product design, Hung & Green naturally wanted to personally create every aspect of the shop, from the graphic design and photography to the shop interior and furniture, the latter of which Green crafted himself. In doing so they have created a brand and environment that is very much their own and one that sits comfortably alongside their curated lifestyle products/products ranges. It’s these small, well thought out touches and attention to detail that makes Native & Co stand out.

One of the newest product ranges to join the collection is the Arita Porcelain Collection, which includes pioneer Japanese kitchen tools such as a sesame mortar with pestle and lid, a ginger grater, a lemon squeezer, a ladle stand and multi-functional canisters. The pieces are all stackable and are ideal for keeping a kitchen tidy.

The collection also includes tableware such as ceramic tea cups and rice bowls and plates of various sizes adorned with traditional Japanese navy and white pattern motifs. The range, which comes from the birthplace of Japanese porcelain, the Arita region in Japan, combines 400-year-old porcelain techniques with a contemporary design suited for everyday life.

Key Products for 2015 include the Nambu cast iron kettle, Japanese copper grater and Japanese enamelled kettle.

About Native & Co
Native & Co is an independent homeware shop based in London, offering tableware, kitchenware, textiles and accessories. The shop specialises in craft based home products that are sourced locally in Japan and Taiwan. Native & Co works with small suppliers, specialist workshops and promotes local craftsmen.
Native & Co was founded by product designers Sharon Jo-Yun Hung and Chris Yoshiro Green, following their studies at Central Saint Martins. As designers, they personally create every detail of the shop, from the graphic design to the photography and the shop interior.

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