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Niderviller re-issues Beyerlé collection

French pottery manufacturer Faiencerie de Niderviller presents a re-issue of its famous Beyerlé collection

Renowned for its bold and refined collections, Faiencerie de Niderviller, part of the Terres d'Est group, presents a re-issue of its famous Beyerlé collection.

This dinner service is named after the man who was the owner of the Faïencerie from 1748 to 1770, Jean-Louis Beyerlé.

The Beverie collection used to be made in red earth. Nowadays, the Beyerlé set, which takes the ornate forms of the original set dating back to the 18th century, is made from black earth covered in white enamel.

Combined with traditional production, black earth gives a touch of modernity to the Manufacture's collections. Always in keeping with the times, the Beyerlé set continues to offer elegance and luxury, two terms that remain key words for the Faïencerie de Niderviller.

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