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Inge Sempe collaborates with Nude

French designer Inge Sempe joins forces with design glass brand Nude on a new drinkware collection

Istanbul-based global design brand Nude, the creator and manufacturer of contermporary glassware for modern living, has collaborated with French designer Inge Sempe, who has previously collaborated with brands such as Alessi and Baccarat.

Inge says: “It is the greatest chance to work for Nude, as this company is a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading glass companies: Sisecam. It is rare to get in touch with the best industrial know-hows, so when I was offered to collaborate with them through Nude, i jumped on it! I am always interested in industrial processes, willing to understand them to be able to create highly qualitative daily objects linked to a powerful industry.”

The result of the collaboration is new drinkware line Jour, a collection of wine and water glasses, jugs and a decanter. Inge was inspired by “the way we share and drink wine in France and Italy” where “we like small glasses, not huge ones”, glasses that are neither “ceremonial nor serious, but simply joyful”.
The essential shape of the wine glasses is square, but they widen towards the brim, the lip gently softened and curved outwards, providing a delicate contrast to the straight lines. The longer white wine glass is bisected by a delicate ridge, providing a subtle yet characterful feature. 

The decanter is a solid and reassuring piece of design, echoing the same lines of the glasses, and with a solid glass stopper. The corresponding jugs are completed with a rounded handle, each end beautifully finished with a glass sphere. The spheres suggest ice cubes or cherries, reminding the user that the jug can also be used for fruit juices, punches or colourful cocktails.

“They are the kind you can find in every house, neighbourhood bar or restaurant. I therefore designed a set of small wine glasses to celebrate this sense of simplicity, enhanced by a variety of shapes,” concludes Inge.

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