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Slow movement inspires Oco

From German brand ASA Selection comes a new pure white porcelain concept with purism of material and sensual shapes

From ASA Selection's spring/summer 2015 collection comes a novelty highlight with an avant-garde ambition for trends. 

Enter new porcelain concept Oco. Shaped from the most delicate pure white porcelain this series is a symbol for the slow movement trend. Straight and unadorned, feminine and sensual, this indulgence series that comes complete with 12 pieces gives proof of ASA Selection’s design competence.

Oco is the name of a new service concept, which distinguishes itself by the knowledge of modern indulgence, the intuition for avant-garde design and the sovereign handling with the material porcelain.

Oco is shaped from most delicate pure white porcelain into a light, elegant service. The purism of the material continues as well in the clear as reduced shape language. With that Oco is a symbol for the slow movement trend modern people are striving for. At the same time Oco possesses an also haptically tangible sensuality, as all pieces are shiny inside, glazed matt outside which provides them with a tangible pleasant finish.

Abandonment of flourish and distraction: Oco leads this precept to perfection. Straight lines and the ideal of the circle play in each single piece which are perfectly combinable among themselves, meaning small plates may also serve as bottom plates under cups and bowls. The plate variety at Oco truly satisfies any event and any dish. Focused on what represents modern indulgence, Oco serves with its twelve pieces the variety of the coffee cult as well as the demands of creative cooks.

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