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Inspired by the opera

Collaboration between theatre Fondazione Arena and porcelain company Ancàp continues paying tribute to the timeless elegance of the opera Turandot

The collaboration which started in 2013 on the Centenary of the Opera Festival between the Fondazione Arena di Verona and Ancàp, the Verona-based firm which produces fine porcelain exclusively made in Italy, is continuing.

The new coffee and cappuccino cups, together with the 2013 edition of Aida of the Centenary, that of 2014 dedicated to Carmen and that of 2015 in tribute to Roméo et Juliette, enrich a collection of unique pieces. 

The proposal for 2016 celebrates one of the best-loved operas ever: Turandot, in a year of many anniversaries; the 140th anniversary of the birth of Franco Alfano, who completed Puccini’s masterpiece, the 70th anniversary of the death of the author of the libretto Giuseppe Adami and the 90th anniversary of the first performance at La Scala in Milan. 

The porcelain cups by Ancàp, available in a collector’s version with a gold rim and a professional one with a white rim, recreate with meticulous care the majestic cinematographic set design for Turandot directed by Franco Zeffirelli, on stage from July 23-25 August on five evenings not to be missed during the 94th Opera Festival at the Arena of Verona.

The new creations can be ordered and will be on display and used during the whole summer season in prestigious venues in the centre of Verona.

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