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Pillivuyt swaps greys for blues

Known for its white porcelain, French brand Pillivuyt has this year turned from a grey palette to a blue one

After the Éclectique line in 2013, which came in a palette of greys, this year Pillivuyt devotes a range called Bretagne to shades of blue. The timeless, resolutely modern shapes of these colourful items make them the best friends of white, allowing for numerous combinations.

Known for its white porcelain and for being one of the last porcelain manufacturers still producing its own paste, Pillivuyt innovates by working porcelain with coloured enamels to achieve fast colours, resistant to thermal shock.

Earlier this year in Montreux (Switzerland), Pillivuyt received the Tradition & Savoir‐Faire prize, awarded as part of the Trophies of the Franco‐Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CFSCI). For the past 25 years these Trophies have aimed to enhance Franco‐ Swiss economic relations by rewarding companies that bring these two markets together.

Originally from Switzerland, Mr Jean‐Louis‐Richard Pillivuyt founded the porcelain company of the same name in 1818. It was in 1853 that the company set up in Mehun‐sur‐Yèvre (Central France). Today, its collection comprise over 1500 references including items for the table and for cooking, intended for professionals and private individuals alike. Pillivuyt has had a subsidiary in the United States since 2003. Exports currently represent over 50% of the company’s turnover.

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