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Pottery TV show to air in UK

In the wake of The Great British Bake Off success, new TV show The Great British Pottery Throw Down will launch with British potters Keith Brymer Jones and Kate Malone at the helm

Set to launch on TV in the UK later this year is a six-part show aimed at finding the country’s hottest pottery stars.

The Great British Pottery Throw Down is part of a new season of BBC 2 porgrammes created by the team behind the highly successful The Great British Bake Off.

Two of the nation’s pottery scene’s most renowned potters - Keith Brymer-Jones and Kate Malone - will be joining presenter Sara Cox on BBC2 later in the year as a judge on The Great British Pottery Throw Down.

Each week Keith (pictured is his collection) will be judging 10 contestants as they attempt to prove themselves in the Main Make, which will transform a humble slab of clay into a work of art!

Those whose clay creations fail to impress will leave the studio until the final, when one person proves themselves to be master of the wheel.

On being involved in the programme, Keith Brymer-Jones said: “I was asked to be a judge on the ‘The Great British Pottery Throw Down’ and consider it a great honour and privilege to expose the wonderful experience that working with clay has, both creatively and spiritually, and potentially the enormous positive impact it could have on ceramics in Britain. I am also honoured and excited to be working with my fellow judge Kate Malone. We both come from very different ends of the ceramic spectrum in terms of our careers, but as we have discovered, both share an emotional connection with clay.”

As the series gets closer to launch – an on air date has yet to be set – the team behind Keith Brymer-Jones will be sharing more updates with you as they develop; follow Keith on Facebook and Twitter now to be first to know more about the new show!

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