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Q Squared launches game-changing collection

The latest dinnerware line, The Potter Collection, from Q Squared is a game changer. Made of a new, eco-friendly melamine-and-bamboo hybrid that resembles clay pottery yet is virtually unbreakable

Known for its signature Ruffle melamine whiteware that looks and feels like porcelain and ceramic, Q Squared will be adding a new line resembling stoneware: The Potter Collection.

The Potter Collection is an eco-friendly alternative, made with a combination of melamine and bamboo, available in two colors: Terracotta and Stone. The result is a beautifully textured, earthy look resembling artisanal clay pottery yet still virtually unbreakable.

“Our new Potter line is a game changer for us,” says CEO, Nancy Young Mosny. “Our mission has always been to continuously improve the dining experience and pursue innovation and sustainability in the world of melamine dinnerware. We’re thrilled to introduce the Potter Collection, which is completely different from our signature high-gloss aesthetic, but still falls in line with our ongoing Effortless Entertaining story.”

The new fall collection showcases Q Squared’s high-quality luxury melamine aesthetic while diversifying the brand’s assortment with new material.
The Rustica Collection, available in Bone White and Yellow, captures the beauty of textured, antique ceramics but in a durable and shatterproof melamine material, while the Moonbeam Collection adds a fun and festive touch with its Dots or simple Ring design in gold and black.

The Bistro Collection’s clean and simple, solid-border design is a fresh take on casual dining, available in three colours — yellow, red and blue — and offered in three pieces: dinner plate, salad plate and cereal bowl.

The new Fall Collections will be available to ship November 1st, 2017.

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