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Raynaud delivers Arabesque-inspired ranges

All things Arabic was the inspiration behind French porcelain brand Raynaud’s new collections

Mariela Schwarz-Montiel is passionate about fashion and in particular about the bespoke shoes she makes for famous actresses. After being introduced to porcelain by her husband Bertrand Raynaud, she has created here her third porcelain collection.

Having designed coloured textile patterns for the Trésor collection and draped effects on white porcelain in the Atlantide range, today she has designed a collection with negative and positive printed patterns with an iridescent tint: Jardin d'Hiver or Winter Garden.

This range is inspired by arabesques and patterns from cast iron furniture in gardens that was very fashionable in the 19th century, and also from paths, groves and box tree topiary, typical of classic French gardens.

The champagne colour for the pattern and the balanced swirls and curls give this collection a resolutely feminine feel.

Isabelle Guillot-Garnier is an artist who was taught Persian miniature painting by the Iranian master Abbas Moayeri. She continues to celebrate this millennia-old art and reinterpret its beautiful imagery. For Raynaud, she designed a collection of 4 candy dishes around 4 riders and their horses. They represent an invitation on a journey through patterns and designs worthy of the Arabian Nights.

About Raynaud
In 1919, Martial Raynaud acquired a porcelain factory near Limoges (central France). For inspiration for his designs he turned to Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The 1950s were marked by collaborations with artists including Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau. In 1992, silversmith Ercuis joined the capital of Raynaud. Bertrand Raynaud, representing the 3rd generation of porcelain makers, became Chairman of the Board.

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