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Raynaud adds blue to Tresor

French porcelain manufacturer Raynaud adds a new colourway to Tresor, designed by fashion designer Mariela Schwarz-Montiel

The Raynaud porcelain factory unveils a new colour for its emblematic collection, Trésor.

Enter Tresor Bleu, a collection, designed by fashion designer Mariela Schwarz-Montiel, entered Raynaud's catalogue in 2012.

Previously available in four colours, including powdered beige, frosted brown, powerful turquoise and intense orange, now comes a deep blue, magnified by platinum.

To design the Trésor collection, Mariela Schwarz-Montiel started by reinterpreting the shape of a cup that was part of the Raynaud archives. Flared and generous shapes and feminine curves were the starting point of the design of the pieces in the set.

Two plaits and a honeycomb patterns decorate the pieces. They are inspired by sari fabrics and Indian tapestries, very dear to the designer. Precious fabrics, brought back from distant travels.

The blue colour gives a new modernity to one of Raynaud's key décors. Ideal for dressing the table for a sophisticated dinner, Trésor is given a new touch of mystery.

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