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Richard Brendon meets Grenson

A celebration of British craftsmanship, tableware brand Richard Brendon collaborates with heritage shoemaker Grenson on handcrafted leather coasters

Richard Brendon are excited to introduce hand-crafted leather coasters, made by heritage British shoemaker Grenson, in Northamptonshire, England.

When Richard Brendon decided they wanted to work with a shoe maker, Grenson was their first choice as they share the same design philosophy, believing that by uniting traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design it is possible to create outstanding and timeless products.

Richard Brendon is excited to add another exceptional material to its ever-evolving collection of tableware. The coasters are inspired by the shoemaking process, utilising the materials, techniques and skills that Grenson has mastered over the past 150 years. 

Constructed of three layers of fine leather which are hand-cut and stitched together. The two upper layers of smooth navy leather are backed with a tanned leather, normally used for lining shoes. Each coaster is decorated with meticulously punched holes that make up one of Grenson’s most popular brogue patterns, usually
found on the toe of their shoes.

Richard Brendon is proud to be working with the master craftsmen at Grenson. The coasters are a celebration of craftsmanship, leather and contemporary British design.

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