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Royal Crown Derby showcases opulent collection

Renowned for its fine English bone china, Royal Crown Derby presented at Ambiente 2015 one of its most accomplished patterns ever produced

Renowned for producing the world’s finest English bone china, Royal Crown Derby’s exquisite tableware has graced many a Royal table and luxury venue.

Last month, at Ambiente 2015, the brand showcased Amber Palace (pictured) and Pearl Palace, widely considered to be one of the most accomplished tableware patterns ever produced by Royal Crown Derby. 

The rich black and amber design of Amber Palace is complemented by a white bone china interpretation called Pearl Palace. Together they set a new standard in excellence for the refined dining experience.

Conceived by Royal Crown Derby’s talented in-house design team in 2014, the ornate patterning has its roots in the Neo Classical Art and Architecture of the 18th and 19th Century, and required the cultivation of an entirely new technique to enhance and sharpen the impact of its gold andplatinum detail. The result is a sumptuously textured finish that delivers unparalleled richness and tactility, which exemplifies Royal Crown Derby’s mastery of complex techniques.

Andrew Klimecki, Creative Director at Royal Crown Derby, explained: “Each piece has been heavily embellished by expertly applying raised paste underneath gold and platinum to enhance the detail of the decorative motifs and relief. These are then set against dramatic black and amber to produce Amber Palace or translucent white china to create Pearl Palace – it's a method never seen before in fine bone china production and has a transformative effect on the splendour of the ware.”

Patterns across the ware are deliberately dramatic and juxtapose numerous decorative combinations in order to create an array of breathtaking designs and motifs that are both witty and charming.

Unique features and decorations, which can often be glimpsed when in use, are also hidden within many pieces, thus adding to the air of delight and intrigue of this elegant range. The assurance that no two pieces of this distinctive tableware are styled in exactly the same way provides a further air of exclusivity and adds to its eclectic and exuberant nature.

Manufactured in Royal Crown Derby’s historic factory in Derby, England, both Amber Palace and Pearl Palace comprise a 10”, 8.5”, 6.25” Plate, Oval Dish, Rim Soup Plate, Tea Cup, Tea Saucer, Cream Jug, Coffee Cup, Coffee Saucer, Teapot, Covered Sugar Box, Open Vegetable Dish, Service Plate, Drip Bowl and Tea Strainer.

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