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Royal Crown Derby supports Born Free Foundation

English fine bone china specialist Royal Crown Derby donates its first African Cheetah to foundation in Ethiopia

Royal Crown Derby, a world-leading manufacturer of exquisite fine bone china tableware and giftware, has donated its first edition piece of its African Cheetah in its limited edition Big Cat Collection to the Born Free Foundation to auction.

Introducing the Big Cat Collection, this stunning 29cm fine bone china collectable is hand-finished in 22k gold. Modelled by Richard T Roberts and hand-painted and signed by Jackie Morrison, this sculpture has been handcrafted using the finest materials by the most experienced of Royal Crown Derby’s artisans at the company’s historic Osmaston Works in the heart of England.

Ensuring exclusivity, only 100 pieces have been produced and each African Cheetah has been numbered with all collectors receiving a certificate of authenticity. 

Cheetahs are officially classed as vulnerable and their population is decreasing, so proceeds from the auction of this first edition Royal Crown Derby African Cheetah will go towards the foundation’s wildlife rescue, conservation and education centre in Enessakotteh, Ethiopia.

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