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Reiko Kaneko unveils company rebrand

As British-Japanese ceramic designer Reiko Kaneko's business continues to grow, the company undergoes a rebranding

This year has already seen many exciting developments for Reiko Kaneko. The company is now firmly established in Stoke-on-Trent and continues to enjoy the creative freedom in the area with increased space and facilities to experiment with glazes, colour bodies and decorations.

As the company continues to grow and evolve, Reiko Kaneko has undergone a rebrand which reflects the distinguished tradition of ceramic production in both Britain and Japan that has influenced Kaneko's minimalist pure white forms since the company's inception in 2007.

Moving forward, Reiko Kaneko will be extending the new look across all of their products and packaging, most notably a more bespoke service which specialises in creating one-off pieces using reactive glazes.

A New Look: A New Era for Reiko Kaneko

The Reiko Kaneko rebrand is the result of a collaboration with communications design company, Studio Constantine. Based in Melbourbe Australia, Studio Constantine made the long trip overseas to visit Kaneko's studio after reading about Stoke-on-Trent and its industries. In spite of the geographical distance both creative practices share a love of utility and beauty and a successful collaboration was formed.

Reiko Kaneko's new logo takes inspiration from the traditional maker's mark combining three classic elements: the maker's initials, a heraldic device (in this case, doubling as a vessel), and the product's place of origin. The blue on white motif references both the Japanese and British tradition of blue on white backstamping and the blue and white Japanese ceramics exported to Europe during the 19th Century. The rebrand design is historical in its composition, but deliberately modern and stark in its execution to reflect Kaneko's design sensibilities.

Reiko Kaneko's new look coincides with a relaunch of the website. The new website design is the result of intensive work over a six month period to improve the online shopping experience for customers whilst seamlessly integrating the new brand aesthetic.

Reiko Kaneko believes that the rebrand is leading the company in a new direction claiming that, "The focus is on making less, not more...but growth in terms of genuine quality and product knowledge through experimentation is still of the utmost importance. Reactive glazing naturally creates one-off collectible pieces and it's an area where we feel we can really show our commitment to excellence. The three years in Stoke-on-Trent have led us to build up a library of glazes and there are certain themes such as the Landscape range that we will continue to explore. The new website really enables us to connect with our customer base and transfer a little of the excitement we feel when we open our kilns by supplying each unique piece directly."

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