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Revol reinvents the buffet

French porcelain manufacturer Revol has reinvented the buffet with a number of versatile and tactile collections for the HoReCa segment

Renowned for its innovation, French culinary porcelain and table porcelain manufacturer Revol has re-imagined the buffet, delivering new concepts for the HoReCa segment.

Revol has observed the buffet in all its forms, in large and small hotels, through meetings with chefs from different cultures, and has developed the idea of offering an alternative - to offer not just indispensable practical tools, but also a more personal and bold touch to whet the appetite, to amaze, enhance and seduce.

Examining each part of the traditional buffet, Revol has imagined exceptional buffets imbued with the artistic and adventurous hallmark of its designers:

* . Eye-catching textures and materials that offer a pleasant touch sensation

*   Original design referring to various, immediately legible environments

* . Harmonious and contemporary colours

* . Intuitive ergonomics given by the chosen shapes and materials

This buffets - Nature Fusion Buffet, Colour Mix Buffet and Classic Chic Buffet - have been designed for hoteliers and restaurateurs as a source of creative and gourmet inspiration.

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