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Revol launches Equinoxe

Inspired by the birth of seasons, the Equinoxe collection comes courtesy of French brand Revol

French culinary porcelain and table porcelain manufacturer Revol launches the Equinoxe collection.

Equinoxe is named after the moment that marks the passage from winter to spring or from summer to autumn, the promise of new harvests that sparks the creativity of the chef searching for a beautiful product.

Inspired by the birth of seasons and the blooming of nature, the Equinoxe collection by Revol is the result of in-depth research on colours, textures and light.

Blue and white come together to create a silky and subtle veil. Pepper white gives way to the colours of winter vegetable. The strong black grain gives structure and emphasis.

More than 15 flat and hollow, round, rectangular and oval shapes make up the collection for all mealtime moments. The key piece of this collection, the dim sum set (a basket, cloche and plate), offers the chef the opportunity to create a signature dish.

Hand-fashioned and enamelled in the Revol workshops in the village of Saint-Uze in France, each piece is made with painstaking attention. The mass-dyed porcelain is revealed and enhances the colour of the dishes.

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