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Revol reveals new visual identity

Committed to continually reviewing its brand image, French porcelain manufacturer Revol launches its new visual identity, including logo

In fifteen years, Revol has moved from the status of a two-century-old porcelain factory in the Drôme to the status of a brand recognised by trade and consumers alike for the exceptional quality of its products and for its creativity.

Revol has also increased its international dimension allowing it to market its products all over the world, through a network of structured and efficient agents and distributors.

As part of this momentum, Revol has committed its brand to reviewing its codes and image, so that it may be consistent with its exceptional history, its rare know-how and new ambitions.

So Revol has created a new visual identity, including a new new logo. The double R in the new logo is the emblem of a strong brand, offering a double expertise - cafés, hotels and restaurants and consumers - while its orange colour has been chosen to represent fire, indispensable in the production of porcelain.

To complete its visual identity, Revol has also asked Danish illustrator Mads Berg to create two visuals to reflect the brand's sensitive and poetic world.

The new 'Cook your style' slogan - translated into French as 'Cuisinez ce que vows êtes' invites cooks - professional or amateur - to dare to assert their personality through the presentation of their tables.

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