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Revol inspired by nude trend

Revol Porcelaine’s refreshing new range Color Lab is all about powdery shades and simple shapes

Powdery shades and simple shapes, a breath of fresh air has blown over Color Lab, the new collection by French porcelain manufacturer Revol.

Inspired by the nude trend, Revol Porcelaine restores the nobility of raw porcelain by combining it with glossy enamel for an elegant, understated design.

Six refreshing new shades have been developed by the Revol laboratory: amaranth red, nasturtium orange, citrus yellow, celadon green, fjord blue and stratus grey.

Cups, presentation dishes and little spoons perfectly match for more originality and contrast.

Each piece in the Color Lab collection is handmade and stamped with the Revol 1768 seal of quality.

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