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Revol’s makes revelation

Not only has this French brand discovered it is older than it though, but it has released a new nature-inspired collection to celebrate

Celebrating its 225th anniversary (1789‐2014) last year was an opportunity for Revol to retrace the French company's history.

Even though the date 1789 has been on Revol’s logo since the early 20th century, research finally revealed that this French producer of table and cooking porcelain was actually founded in 1768. This surprising discovery means that Revol is actually nearly 250 years old!

Arborescence Collection
Arborescence is the new crockery collection from Revol Porcelaine, directly inspired by nature.
"The master modeller captures the curves and veins and brings the plate to life. The colours and textures only reveal themselves after firing. "

The elements in this collection (round plates, soup plates, rectangular plates, cups, mugs and breakfast bowls) are available in three finishes:
• Ivory: made with a white porcelain paste and ivory enamel
• Liquorice: made with a black paste and liquorice enamel
• Pepper: made with a black paste and pepper enamel,

About Revol Porcelaine
Revol is a French company producing table porcelain and cooking porcelain. It has been managed by the same family for 9 generations. The Revol family members are manufacturers, dealers, sellers, master porcelain makers from father to son. Thanks to its expertise and innovative approach, this company established in the Drôme (south‐ eastern France) since the 18th century produces over 4 million pieces a year, exported to 84 countries including China and the United States.

Contact: Revol Porcelaine – tel: +33 (0)4 75 03 99 99; email: contact@revol‐ www.revol‐

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