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Riedel Crystal revs up decanting with Horse Decanter

A sophisticated equine-inspired decanter design joins Riedel’s glassware menagerie

Riedel Crystal, the 300 year-old global leader in varietal-specific glassware, announces the newest addition to its collection of mouth-blown lead decanters, the stunning and sophisticated Horse.

Standing at an impressive 23-5/8 inches tall with an equine profile decorating its interior, the new decanter is a true showstopper much like the august and aristocratic animal after which it is modelled.

The piece, created for the Chinese Year of the Horse, is sure to excite and enchant equestrians and oenophiles alike.

Designed by 11th-generation Riedel Crystal President & CEO Maximilian J. Riedel, the Horse decanter was inspired not only by the Chinese Zodiac, but also by the famous Royal Lipizzans, the rare, aristocratic breed, whose line, like the Riedel line, resided in Austria.

More than an object of beauty, the decanter is also a powerful tool, much like the energy and performance embodied by the Lipizzan breed. First bred by the Hapsburgs in the 16th century, the Lipizzan represent the prime equestrian specimen of the Baroque era and today remain symbols of pomp and circumstance throughout Europe. The decanter’s colour, defined by a single stripe of black crystal that runs the decanter’s length and outlines its interior equine profile, also takes its inspiration from the Lipizzan breed who are born black and turn white as they grow into adults.

“I have long been fascinated by horses, both as animals of strength and performance as well as of elegance, in addition to the role they have played for generations in cultures throughout the world,” comments Maximilian. “With the Riedel Horse decanter, I strove to create a functional and powerful wine tool that simultaneously reflects the innate beauty, sophistication, and authority of a horse.”

The decanter’s concave profile also aids in wine’s decanting process. After pouring wine into the decanter, shaking the vessel until a thin layer of bubbles forms helps to oxygenate the wine, dramatically improving its aeration and the flavour profile of the given grape varietal. As it opens the wine by “charging” it, the Riedel Horse performs a traditionally time-consuming task at high speed, while remaining regal and refined like the Austrian Lipizzans.

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