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Riedel supersizes for 41 Madison

The new Riedel Superleggero series is Riedel’s tallest and thinnest stemware yet and was presented at The New York Tabletop Show

Riedel Crystal, the 300 year-old family credited glassware company, this week presented its new grape-varietal specific glassware range, the Riedel Superleggero Series, at The New York Tabletop Market.

Hand-formed and freely mouth blown by glassblowers in the Riedel factory in Tyrol, the glasses feature slimmer aesthetics and ‘super light’ design - as reflected in the name. This adapted shape is a result of changes made to the stem length, a design perfected by 11th generation and CEO Maximilian Riedel.

For those wishing to complete their collection, the Superleggero Decanter is the newest addition to Riedel’s collector’s items. With an elegant and slim design, the decanter perfectly complements the series, Riedel Superleggero, mentioned above. It includes a recess in the base to ensure easy handling and also features a special seal with an engraved Riedel logo on the outside of the decanter’s slender neck. 

Following the Bauhaus design principle where ‘form follows function’, the decanter’s specific shape allows the wine to unfold completely through twofold aeration: a ‘double decanting’ technology developed by Riedel and since patented in 2008.

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