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Rosenthal reveals award-winning modern tableware design

New tableware collection Format Unsealed by young student Inesa Malfej provides a contemporary vibe

In collaboration with Inesa Malfej, a young student from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, an ultra-modern pattern has been designed for Rosenthal’s new tableware collection, which debuted at Masion & Objet Paris and Ambiente.

This new decorative pattern, which has already received numerous design awards, emphasises the shape, colour and feel of the porcelain – the shape was created by designer Christophe de la Fontaine and based on strong basic shapes – rather than disguising it.

The pattern consists of simple, repetitive graphical elements such as triangles and spots, which merge to create a surface that has an almost fabric-like appearance. The application method results in layers that stand out to varying degrees, beautifully contrasting with the white material and really bringing the pattern to life.

Since the pattern is not applied over the entire surface and some pieces of the set remain completely white, the material itself is particularly prominent and steers focus towards the details and quality of the porcelain.

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