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Colourful cut above the rest

The more than 200-year-old French cutlery makers Rousselon Dumas-Sabatier take a colourful approach to summer

Specialising in cutlery since 1852, Rousselon Dumas-Sabatier launches bright new shades on a range of its traditionally manufactured knives.

Faithful to its philosophy in the fusion of traditional manufacturing with modern design, the 200-year‐old cutlery producer from Thiers, France, Rousselon Dumas‐Sabatier has delivered the Edonist knife collection in three new colours: Topaz orange, Ruby fuchsia and Jasper taupe beige.

The models available in these new colours are the 15cm kitchen knife, the 18cm filleting knife and the 10cm paring knife/steak knife.

Série 197
The Série 197 range is the perfect combination of tradition and modernism. This model was created over 40 years ago in black and red and now is available in a range of bright and lively colours: orange, yellow, fuchsia, violet, green and turquoise.

There are 5 knives with coloured handles, including a paring knife, peeling knife, table knife, steak knife and meat knife.

The double notching on the table and steak knives is the perfect illustration of the expertise of Lion Sabatier. The combination of the half‐moon and micro‐notching ensures the meat's fibres are kept in tact.

About Rousselon Dumas‐Sabatier
Created in 1852, Rousselon was originally based in Lyon. In 1882 it acquired the brand 32 Dumas, then owned by the Dumas family, cutlery makers in Thiers since 1652. In 1991, Pascale Sol‐Bruchon, representing the 5th generation in this family business, acquired the Lion Sabatier brand. Today, Rousselon Dumas‐Sabatier specialises in cutlery for the kitchen and the table and generates around 40% of its revenue in exports.
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