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New alloy for Rousselon

French cutlers Rousselon Dumas-Sabatier to forge all its knives in a new alloy

Strengthened by the success encountered by the knives of its Edonist collection forged in 4116N steel, specialist in kitchen and table knives, Rousselon Dumas-Sabatier has decided to make all its forged knives in this stainless steel.

To obtain this alloy, Rousselon Dumas-Sabatier called on the services of the French company Ugitech.

Thanks to the technical quality of 4116N steel, the hardness, cutting duration and anti-corrosion capacity of the knives have considerably improved.

It is now used in the Edonist, Idéal, Périgord, Provencao, Saveur and Toque Blanche collections.

About Rousselon Dumas-Sabatier
Founded in 1852, the Rousselon company was originally based in Lyon. In 1882, it acquired the 32 Dumas brand, then the property of the Dumas family, cutlers since 1652 in Thiers. In 1991, Pascale Sol-Bruchon, representing the 5th generation of this family-owned business, took over the Lion Sabatier brand. Today, Rousselon Dumas-Sabatier, the specialist in kitchen and table knives, makes more than 40% of its turnover internationally.

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