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Royal Delft embraces 3D technology

Royal Delft announces Augmented Blueware - using an innovative 3D-scan process to re-produce its pattern on a hand-painted Delft Blue vase on to tableware so consumers can have their one-of-a-kind design replicated

This month, during Salone del Mobile in Milan, Royal Delft, renowned for its handmade and hand-painted Delft Blue earthenware, presented a state-of-the-art concept, Augmented Blueware, along with FLEX/design and TWNKLS|Augmented Reality.

Within the walls of the beautiful Palazzo Francesco Turati in Milan, the craft of Royal Delft master painters, dating from 1653, were spotlighted during an innovative process that transfers the decoration of a unique hand-painted Delft Blue vase onto tableware.

Just imagine an exclusive tableware collection just for you with precisely the same decoration as your own Delft Blue vase. Royal Delft, FLEX/design, and TWNKLS|Augmented Reality made it happen, thanks to their close collaboration and fusion of expertise.

The innovative process the three companies developed ensures that a specific decoration from a unique hand-painted vase can be transferred to tableware decorated with that same one-of-a-kind design.

By doing so, the exclusive tableware could become a truly extraordinary family tableware or a fantastic wedding gift.

Innovation of centuries-old craftmanship
The state-of-the-art, innovative 3D-scan process enables a specialist to remove the complete surface of a unique, hand-painted Delft Blue vase and subsequently unfold like a flat, digital card. With this graphic decor, the Royal Delft designers can produce beautiful transfer reproductions that are thereafter placed on tableware, as much and as many times as you wish.

By master painters and Dutch designers
Every hand-painted Royal Delft vase is a unique piece of Delft Blue craftsmanship. It is a fusion of Royal Delft DNA and the signature of the master painter. Every new piece is different, but always undeniably Royal Delft. Uniqueness is central in Augmented Blueware. Thanks to modern technology the craftmanship of master painters takes centre stage.

Augmented Blueware also offers Dutch designers a contemporary, blank canvas. Frank Tjepkema had the honour to design the first Dutch Design vase. Tjep was inspired by the decorations from traditional Delft Blue vases and gave these a new 3D dimension. The result is extraordinary and, as always, undeniably Royal Delft.

Division of roles
Augmented Blueware was created thanks to the close collaboration of the three partners. Together, they have placed an extraordinary craft centrestage in the 21st century.

Royal Delft had the desire to bring a unique tableware to market. Moving on an already full dining market, FLEX/design came up with this extraordinary concept; the creation of an extremely unique tableware that uses the decoration of a unique, hand-painted Delft Blue vase as the base. The technical expertise of TWNKLS|Augmented Reality made the concept possible.

About Royal Delft
Royal Delft, established in 1653, is the leading manufacturer of hand made and hand painted Delft Blue earthenware. The collection consists of traditional and inspiring modern Delft Blue. Annually, the Royal Delft Experience receives 135.000 visitors from all over the world that come to experience the craftmanship that makes Royal Delft unique.

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