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Royal Doulton taps into bowl culture

With the bowl increasingly becoming the go-to tableware item thanks to informal dining and social media, Royal Doulton launches its Bowls of Plenty Collection

According to a 2017 Retail Report, there has been a shift in consumer spending, with sales of bowls increasing by 5 per cent compared to a 12 per cent decline in plate purchases, with diets and wellness influencing the bowl takeover and the bowl and recipes associated with it trending on social media.

In response to this, Royal Doulton has launched its Bowls of Plenty collection. “Connection and comfort being at the forefront of more casual lifestyles and food now needs to look photogenic for sharing on social media,” says the brand. 

“Bowl shapes are increasingly design without a lip, framing the food giving the appearance of a full, hearty meal. International cuisine and nourish bowl options create a variety of colour, texture and flavours stimulating a sensory experience for both the mouth and eyes.”

With bowls in various shapes and sizes to suit different requirements, Royal Doulton’s Bowls of Plenty collection is visual, tactile and practical with perfectly imperfect ceramic shapes that have been hand-dipped with warm, rich translucent glazes in smart, contemporary colours.

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