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Robert Welch unveils debut barware

Drift into premium service with the new statement barware collection from Robert Welch Designs

With undulating shapes, natural curves and made from highly-polished stainless steel the Drift Barware Collection is a luxurious and hardworking collection, designed to add value to wine, champagne and beverage service in hospitality settings.

Each piece has been designed to make every step of service just a little bit more special whilst practical considerations make both front and back of house efficiencies effortless.

The collection features two sizes of champagne / wine coolers - the sculptural shape of each of these items is an eye-catching statement, designed to reflect light and add theatre to presentation.

The smaller holds one standard champagne or two standard wine bottles; whilst the large size can hold two champagne bottles or 3 standard wine bottles. The design of the curves are specifically located and angled to make it easy to see which wine is which. They are also positioned to effect a natural drape of the napkin post pour for the sommelier or waiting staff.

Consideration has also been given to when space is at a premium and by using the stand the cooler can be used to service two adjacent tables.

The stand itself is designed to hold both sizes of cooler, with elegant proportions it is weighted for stability and is stackable for space-saving practicalities.

The Wine Bottle Coaster is another stunning piece designed to attractively dress the table pre-service and then to once again add-value as a place for elevating wine on the table. Catching the drips in the process and an elegant alternative to the side plate the coaster protects table-cloths and surfaces. It is also double walled to insulate base of bottles and stackable for easy storage.

The final item in the collection is the Drift Tray, featuring the gentle undulating curve, softly formed into the rim which draws the eye to the mirror-polished surface. Stunningly simple yet instantly luxurious - with a well-balanced feel for ease of service. Perfect for glasses, drinks, canapes or snacks the tray lends a design-led feel to its environment.

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