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SCHÖNWALD reveals buffet expertise

New classic Gastronorm dishes in 16 different sizes and four different depths offer the ultimate in versatility

Be it classic, elegant, grandiose or casual – perfectly choreographed food presentation at buffets and for catering demand the highest degree of professionalism and planning from the restaurateur.

In order to serve up a large selection of dishes to diners temptingly and at just the right temperature, not only are the skills and creativity of the kitchen professionals required, but the tableware items also need to be robust all-rounders.

This is where SCHÖNWALD impresses through its exceptionally extensive buffet collections in timeless designs that fit seamlessly into any setting and also offer precise functionality.

The professional porcelain specialist now once again reveals its outstanding buffet expertise with new classic Gastronorm dishes in 16 different sizes – from 1/1 to 1/6 – in four depths.

These beautiful and highly functional all-rounders will present any cold or hot food stylishly – from breakfast to dinner – and in combination with cooling and warming functions (such as chafing dishes, bain-marie or cooling pads) ensure the right temperature at the buffet.

Furthermore, these flexible GN dishes are ideal for use in company restaurants, which these days often serve fresh food and salads. They also cut a beautiful figure when used for presenting food at upscale business lunches.

Behind the scenes, these all-rounders prove themselves to be easy-to-use, hy- gienic food receptacles, with the added space-saving bonus of SCHÖNWALD porcelain’s accustomed stackability, ensuring smooth installation and removal at even high-end buffets and catered events.

New “Buffet Heroes” catalogue
SCHÖNWALD has now brought its entire buffet range together in a new catalogue, “Buffet Heroes”, which introduces the professional porcelain specialist’s diverse selection of pieces, which turn any food arrangement into an inviting gesture to the diner.

The extensive range of highly professional and creative collections, such as the popular EVENT and SCENARIOGN services, covers the entire spectrum of uses for professional porcelain at buffets and for catering, thus offering plenty of variety for small B&Bs, five-star hotels, or open-air events alike. Smart glass accessories made by the illustrious manufacturer AXUM provide additional, sparkling highlights. The style and depth of the new classic GN dishes are the perfect complement to the existing ranges.

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