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Soizick returns with a new team

Known for its stunning colours and stand-out handpainted designs, high-end French tableware company Soizick returns with new owners and a focus back on tableware

French design brand Soizick, which started life in 1996, is known for delivering stunning and vibrant colours and unique creative designs on high-quality hand-painted bespoke tableware.

The brand has been reorganised, with a re-focus on tableware, a relaunch in the UK, and new teams around the world.

The brand purchases the finest quality porcelain from Limoges and the finest quality glass from Crystal de Boheme and Soizick’s internal design teamwork on the decoration of the pieces.

Soizick boasts a talented and experienced team of artists, creators, painters, ceramicists, haute couture designers, all of whom work together to create the stunning selection of unique designs, all of which are registered.

Renowned for its baroque style creations, with its registered Heart and Aladdin designs, Soizick’s other motifs include spirals, checks, and flowers. Its inspirations come from all over the world.

The Sculpted Heart collection is certainly the most popular across the world: the teaware was designed entirely by Soizick’s Art Workshop, before being created in collaboration with porcelain experts.

Apart from its signature motifs, its many stunning colours define Soizick’s signature aesthetic – for example, the “classical collection” uses a signature vibrant palette of 12 colours. Other collections use silver, gold, bronze, red and black. Its creations are recognised by its thin golden lines and Swarovski crystals.

Focused on tableware and figurines, with everything from dinnerware and serveware to teaware and even glassware, Soizick offers French Riviera refinement and ‘art de vivre’, to take you from breakfast to afternoon tea to supper, with each piece hand-painted, bespoke and signed by the artist.

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