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Spin creates tablescape for charity event

Tablescape by Spin Ceramics represents Spin’s organic elegance and pays tribute to Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS mission

For its first year of participation at the DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) Dining By Design event, coveted Chinese tabletop manufacturer Spin Ceramics partnered with esteemed interior designer Kitty Hawks to create an elegant tablescape.

The space radiates a fluid, organic aesthetic, honouring natural elements and shapes and showcases the practical yet stunning nature of Spin’s tabletop products. Hawks also chose red as the primary colour, a reference to the AIDS ribbon, and in solidarity with DIFFA’s mission of fighting HIV/AIDS.

Spin Ceramics Managing Partner Clay Cunningham explains, “We’re so privileged to be able to participate in Dining By Design and to work with as respected and talented a designer as Kitty Hawks. It’s been a pleasure to see her transform and interpret our products in a whole new way to create
a space that is chic and dynamic, all while representing the essence of Spin.”

A custom table from Spin grounds the space, made from the wood of fallen trees and maintaining its natural shape. Another natural material, bamboo, accounts
for the minimal stools on which guests will sit. Finely crafted Underglaze Red table settings provide elegant dining vessels, and dramatic Imperial Red vases
flank the table. Miniature vases punctu ate the wall, accented by oversized vases that continue the natural feel by holding branches.

A Noguchi paper lantern serves as the space’s statement piece, a beautiful object that balances perfectly with the elegant simplicity of the surrounding Spin products.

Designer Kitty Hawks notes, “The setting has a tangible authenticity — from the shape of the tree present in the table to the potter’s touch on each Spin item. The simplicity of the space gives a sense of Chinese Zen and Japanese Wabisabi.”

Spin products used in the space include:

Underglaze Red Table Setting (pictured): The pieces in the Underglaze Red series all boast an exquisite edge of red glaze, a rare color that is so difficult to
achieve that even Spin’s master artisans discard nearly half of their attempts. Primarily red, this glaze is a complex palette of blue, green, and
translucent accents. With the celadon white glaze as the base, these pieces bring a refined, contemporary feeling to the home.

Imperial Red Donut Vase: As this deep red glaze bakes in high-fire kilns, it begins to drip, capturing a moment in time and creating an arresting contrast with the celadon glaze underneath. These Imperial Red Donut Vases are a striking study in curves.

Five Wall Hanging Vases: Each one different from the last, the Five Wall Hanging Vases offer a way to display flowers vertically. Their soft forms are left unglazed on the outside, allowing the pure white matte finish to create a subdued, organic effect.

Celadon White Long Tube Vase: Ultra clean, ultra modern, the minimalist hanging vase creates a beautiful vertical space for decorating. At two-and-a-half feet long, it’s perfect for displaying long stem flowers like roses or quince.

Ebony Lacquer Chopsticks: Simple, elegant, organic, fluid, these chopsticks are made of ebony wood, the core of which is very hard, heavy, and in dark color. However, the bark – about a half an inch thick – is lighter in color and weight and is ideal for the finest chopsticks. The exterior of the chopsticks are coated in natural lacquer from lacquer trees.Durable, non-toxic and all natural.

Wooden Table:
This elegant piece showcases the material’s natural beauty, with the veins and imperfections of the wood making the piece into
a unique statement-maker. Each table uses the wood from fallen trees in Costa Rica, giving new life to these found pieces of nature.

About Spin Ceramics

Founded in 2002,Spin Ceramics represents the intersection of ancient Chinese technique and modern design thinking. The fine porcelain pieces are conceived
in Shanghai and handcrafted in the Jingdezhen region with special clay from the Kaolin Mountain, then high fired twice to create a durable yet glass-like
quality. Spin's pieces are admired and collected internationally, dispowerful art form of the traditional craftsmanship, with collections ranging from
classic to whimsical. Spin's first United States outpost in New York City's SoHo district was opened in 2014 to round its existing portfolio of five stores in Asia
(Shanghai, Changsha, Beijing, and Singapore). For more information, please visit

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