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Steelite finds table presentation could be better

Worldwide hospitality brand Steelite International discovers tableware in hospitality is not delivering the ‘wow’ factor

Many catering outlets could still do better when it comes to tableware and presentation according to tableware manufacturer and supplier to the hospitality sector, Steelite International.

On a recent tour of outlets, organised for foodservice partners, the party were asked to score on a questionnaire for the quality of food and table presentation. Whilst all the outlets did well when it came to the food they served, many didn’t make the grade on presentation.

Greg Fowke, national account manager for Steelite International said: “It was good to see a mix of different tableware products including melamine, wood and metal but in some cases the presentation had clearly not been thought through.

“Many of the restaurants fell short of the wow factor just because of the choice of tableware and how the food was presented. Outlet owners, managers and chefs need to remember that it’s not just about food, customer’s judge restaurants on a number of factors including service, ambience, and value but also on presentation and cleanliness. Every individual restaurant must think about all of these factors to ensure customer loyalty and positive word of mouth.”

Research carried out on behalf of Steelite by OnePoll showed that 81 per cent of the people surveyed stated that presentation of tableware is important or a very important factor and a well-presented table positively impacts their dining experience, according to 61 per cent.

Greg went on to say that in today’s competitive environment attention to detail is key: “New catering outlets are openings every week and we provide advice to our customers to help them match the restaurants styling, and type of food, with the right tableware, and this always works to their benefit in terms of taking customer satisfaction a step further.”

The research showed that tableware can also be used to justify price points with 60 per cent of diners expecting a higher level of tableware the more they pay for a meal a clear indication that investment in quality tableware means operators can charge more for a meal.

Steelite International are planning a series of restaurant tours over the coming months working with chefs and buyers. The tour includes a visit to Steelite’s showroom in London and offer a choice of tableware and table display.

For further information and advice contact Steelite International on +44 (O)1782 821000 or visit the website

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