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New colours for Stelton's vacuum jug

Stelton's classic EM77 vacuumn jug with its minimalist styling now comes in some inspiring new on-trend colours, including copper

Stelton's classic EM77 vacuum jug, with its ultra-modern and minimalist styling, has been given an Autumn/Winter makeover with some inspiring new colours added to the range.

The ever-changing colour palette of Danish nature has been the inspiration for the colours used in Stelton's 2014 collection, including on its classic jug.

Just like Stelton's designs, nature never goes out of fashion, and the soft interplay between the natural golden, brown and blue colours of our new designs echo the gentle later summer and autumn light, creating a timeless, cosy and natural feel.

New colours for the jug include a sand colour, a slate grey and a copper.

The EM77, which is one of Stelton's bestselling designs ever, is famous for its patented rocker stopper, which means you can operate the jug with one hand. The clever rocker stopper closes to keep the coffee hot, but to fill a cup, all you have to do is tip the jug slightly. 

The jugs come in a true colorama, with new colour introductions each season.

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