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Studio Williams wins another award for Balsa

Introduced last year for the brand’s 10th anniversary, Balsa has picked up yet another award… this time, the Good Design Award 2016

Balsa, Studio Williams’ 10th Anniversary cutlery collection has picked up yet another award, securing the prestigious Good Design award from Chicago athenaeum Architecture & Design, for 2016!

This marks Studio Williams’ 12th award in the 10 years since the British design-led cutlery brand has been in business. 

Balsa boasts an elegant, clean form, combined with sophisticated balance and ergonomics, achieved by utilizing the highest manufacturing skills.

The top surface of the knife has a totally flat, clean form. The knives have an unexpected choil on the underside of the handles, which allows for a dramatic reduction in gauge thickness. This enables us to achieve the refined weight and balance. The handle also has delicate hook which creates a comfortable rest for your little finger.

The pattern has deliberately elongated and slender looking fork heads and spoon bowls to enable the diner to pick up smaller food portion sizes, this allows the diner to really think about the tastes & textures chef has created. 

Available in all set sizes and individual pieces. Studio William will showcase Balsa at Ambiente 2016. 

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