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Fashion meets function with new drinkware

Tervis, the  innovator  of  insulated  drinkware, and  Fiesta  Dinnerware have collaborated to create fun yet functional drinkware

Tervis, the innovator of insulated drinkware, and Fiesta Dinnerware, the leader in casual dinnerware, are both known for quality American-made products that are fashionable and functional. It makes perfect sense therefore that when Fiesta introduces its colour of the year each Spring, Tervis finds the best way to express it within its drinkware collection.

2014  brings  vibrant  Poppy  to  the  Fiesta  family  as  the  colour  of  the  year.  An  orange-­red  hue,  Poppy  is  
reminiscent  of  the  famed  original  Fiesta  Red  which  was  part  of  the  collection  that  launched  the  Fiesta  brand  in  1936.    
"Inspired  by  one  of  our  original  vintage  colors,  Fiesta  Red,  Poppy  fits  in  seamlessly  with  modern  colour  
combinations  of  today  as  part  of  this  new  Tervis collection," says Rich Brinkman, VP of sales and marketing for the Fiesta Dinnerware brand. "Tervis drinkware, featuring Fiesta designs, are an easy and fun way to add a splash of colour while dining, entertaining or on the go."

Other  signature  Fiesta  colours  that  are  incorporated  into  the  Poppy  collection  include:  Sunflower,  Lemon  Grass,  
Peacock,  Scarlet,  and  Marigold.  
Not  only  has  Tervis  created  a  collection  featuring  the  new  Poppy  color,  but  they  have  also  added  two  new  
patterns  to  the  line. This  brings  the  collection  to  six  distinct  design  patterns  that  join  the  new  Wavy  and  Plaid  
to  ever  popular  Dots,  Stripes,  Flowers,  and  Calypso.  Each  design  is  available  in  a  16oz  tumbler  and  24oz  

"The new Fiesta colour and subsequent Tervis designs are always highly anticipated. We're excited to help to introduce Poppy to the tableware market," says Dorothy Lierman, Tervis head of line planning and merchandising. "Tervis and Fiesta enthusiasts are quite similar - they are always eager to see what the next new big collaboration is from these two exceptional brands. Poppy and the new designs are sure to be a big hit."
The  new  Tervis  Fiesta  collection  retains  the  features  of  all  Tervis  drinkware - keeping  hot  drinks  hot  and  cold  
drinks  cold.  Plus  Tervis  drinkware  is  safe  in  the  microwave,  dishwasher  and  freezer,  and  offers  a  lifetime  

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