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UK retailer Kitchens Cookshop acknowledges the 40th anniversary of British brand T&G with a bespoke table mat

This year sees British brand T&G Woodware, which is based in Bristol, celebrate its 40th anniversary. And in celebration of the anniversary, one of T&G's best customers - retailer Kitchens Cookshop - presented the company with a special gift. 

A lifetime customer of T&G's, which also has its head office in Bristol, Kitchens Cookshop created a design incorporating T&G products through the years, translating it on to an FSC cork mat, one of T&G's products from a few years. 

The picture shows many products including mills, Pride of Place utensil holder, banana tree, spice mill, marble pestle and mortar, salad hands and much more, all set against a backdrop of the iconic Clifton suspension bridge (in Bristol) supported by a pair of salt and pepper mills. 

Managing director of T&G, Patrick Gardner, was overwhelmed to receive such a special gift.

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