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Andre Verdier extends Le Thiers knife range

French cutlery manufacturer Andre Verdier has unveiled wooden versions of its renowned Le Thiers knive

Renowned for its 100 per cent Made in Thiers quality and production, Coutellerie André Verdier has completed its Le Thiers by André Verdier" range by creating two new versions, with wooden handles for the knives bearing the name of the French capital of the cutlery industry.

Designed for meat lovers, Le Thiers knives, with their specific curve, smooth the cutting gesture as soon as they are taken in the hand.

The full handle version is contemporary, understated and light. The more classic forged bolster version is also more massive.

The Le Thiers brand, always signed by the manufacturer's name, guarantees 100 per cent made in Thiers quality and production. It is the result of joint development by a whole profession that inherited its ancestral know-how.

The production of a Le Thiers knife is governed by a guild, based on the one founded in 1582, which has regulated the Thiers cutlery trade for almost 3 centuries. Today, more than ever, Master Inspectors ensure that this quality charter is upheld at each stage in the production of a knife.

About Coutellerie Andre Verdier

Located next to Thiers, Coutellerie André Verdier has made professional knives and table cutlery for the past 150 years. Combining tradition, design and state-of-the-art technology, Coutellerie André Verdier markets its products under 3 brands: André Verdier, Scof and Delarboulas. The company's entire production is located in France, making €4.5 million in revenue, of which 50 per cent is international. / /

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