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Thomas secures eco award

Multi-functional tableware design Ono from Thomas is awarded for its innovative, sustainable design

Multi-functional, innovative and sustainable tableware concept Ono design from Thomas, launched earlier this year, has been named the winner of the renowned Green Product Award 2016: Selection.

Featuring 500 submitted products from 35 countries, the Green Product Award singles out products that deliver a response to the design of the future and that offer the customer particularly sustainable solutions. It is the largest international award of its kind.

Thomas' Ono concept, which comprises just 28 pieces along with an harmonious design is the work of German designer Kilian Schindler. 

Ono's well-thought-out details make it an impressive collection both as part of a complete service and combined with other highly unique individual items. The striking grooved relief is not just there to provide a visual or sensory wow factor, it also delivers a functional use. Thanks to its grooved structure, the saucers can be used for any sized cup and also serve as practical covers for the different-sized bowls or simply as plates for antipasti. The food presenter, meanwhile, can be used as a cake stand but when turned upside down, further serves as a stylish fruit basket. 

The 29cm glass bowl also functions as a cover when used as a cake stand. The 34cm oval plate is an eye-catching piece that offers added value: one side is flat and the other side features a raised edge for salads or sauces, making them easy to serve using a fork or spoon. This ensures people enjoy their food right down to the last bite. The porcelain mug-to-go is an equally fancy yet environmentally friendly accessory. With its ring and cover made from silicone and plastic, it ensures users don’t burn themselves and keeps coffee or tea pleasantly hot for a long time when on the go. 

A natural combination of materials with elements of wood, silicone, glass and wire mesh accentuates the modern look and turns the design into a versatile all-rounder that is just as suited to the requirements of everyday use as it is to large family parties with their array of different delicacies. 

The sophisticated concept means that Ono functions with a reduced selection of items, thus creating more space in the cupboard. The compact material has particularly high chip resistance and is both dishwasher-safe and suitable for microwave use.

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