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Thomas Feichtner unveils new collaboration

Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner collaborates with silverware manufacturer Jarosinski & Vaugoin on tableware

At the recently-held Vienna Design Week 2016, Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner launched a set of minimal tableware featuring uneven washes of gold, a collaboration with silverware manufacturer Jarosinski & Vaugoin.

The handcrafted silver vessels come in three different sizes – a bowl, a cup and a drinking bowl. The pieces are uniform in their appearance, except for the varying levels of gold plating. Their patterns are inspired by the wavering level of liquid in a tilted glass.

"In a way, much like how the level of liquid appears to divide a drinking glass, these vessels are divided by their partial gold plating," says Thomas.

"This aspect of their design produces an irritatingly diagonal and asymmetrical look that kicks these otherwise so similarly shaped objects a bit off balance."

A previous collaboration between Thomas and Jarosinski & Vaugoin – which has been producing tableware, flatware and other silver items since 1847 – was shown at Vienna Design Week 2014.

For that project, Thomas produced the company's 192nd cutlery range, applying its traditional hand-crafting techniques.

Highlights from last year's festival included a series of rings sized to show the fluctuating price of gold, and a futurist kitchen installation exploring alternatives for dining and food preparation.

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