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Tableware Directory 2017 out now!

Tableware International releases the second edition of its annual Directory - the Tableware International Directory 2017 - an A to Z listing of key industry players in the tabletop industry. Out now!

Following the launch of our annual Tableware Directory a year ago, we are following up with an even bigger and better version, the Tableware International Directory 2017. Over 64 pages of this handy Directory, you will find our growing A to Z listings of factories, manufacturers, companies and brands all operating within the tableware industry all over the world.

Listed alphabetically, each listing includes an historic overview, along with essential information on specialisation, aesthetic, markets, distribution, clients and other services, as well as those all-important contact details.

This is interspersed with lots of facts and stats on key industry players, helping you to get to know the companies and brands, as well as a calendar of the tabletop trade shows you need to know about in 2017.

Whether you are an independent retailer, a multi-chain department store or an international hotel chain, this handy Directory will make your search for tableware suppliers in 2017 that little bit easier.

While the A to Z listing is not exhaustive, we will be adding even more listings when the third edition comes out next year.

The Tableware International Directory 2017 will go out with the November/December issue of Tableware International. Alternatively, you can download the Directory now from our online site at or on digital platform Issuu.

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