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Tradestock wins FreeForm infringement

Tradestock has won an infringement battle with a UK retail chain over its award-winning FreeForm® tray

The company took the decision to enforce their intellectual property rights after the copyright breach was brought to their attention by another retailer who stocks the genuine product.

“A lot has gone into the design and development of FreeForm®”, explained Tradestock Chairman, Duncan Babington, “so we decided to take action in order to make a point. FreeForm® is a brand we are very proud of and no infringement will be tolerated.”

The retailer has given an assurance that all stock has been taken off sale and has also agreed to compensate Tradestock.

Designed in the UK by Tradestock, FreeForm® is a very creative concept and revolutionary design - essentially a placemat when sitting flat, which instantly transforms into a stylish edged tray, simply by lifting it up by the integrated handles. The brand is continually being evolved, with new products coming on stream regularly.

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