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Tuxton supports Breast Cancer charities

US leading hospitality tableware supplier Tuxton China announces partnership with The Breast Cancer Charities of America

Tuxton China Inc., a leading tabletop supplier to the foodservice industry, announced their partnership with The Breast Cancer Charities of America for the month of October to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“As Tuxton continues to grow as a company, we are looking for partners we believe in and causes we can support who are going above and beyond to help those in need. We are launching our Tuxton Cares campaign this year in order to do that.” says Marketing Director Jennifer Rolander.

“We took the time to research several charities and have found a wonderful partnership with the Breast Cancer Charities of America. They are committed to empowering women through education on health, diet, exercise, nutrition, and a mind/body/spirit approach, while not only addressing their immediate needs, but also helping them with financial resources.”

Executive Director Erica A. Johnson said, “The Breast Cancer Charities of America is excited to partner with Tuxton China on this fantastic movement to help women prevent and survive breast cancer. What Tuxton shows to their customers and community is their desire to help make a
difference... and through our partnership they are making a huge difference. We couldn’t be more honored to have such devoted partners.”

Jennifer Rolander says, “It is our goal to fight breast cancer one plate at a time!”

“Through this collaboration with Breast Cancer Charities of America we are inviting our customers to make a difference through the simple act of placing a purchase with us. With the support of our customers, Tuxton hopes to demonstrate the impact we can make when we unite for a powerful cause.” says Charlie Tsai, Vice President – Sales & Marketing.

Tuxton is donating a percentage of their total sales from the month of October in the fight against breast cancer. For more information contact: To donate directly to the Breast Cancer Charities of America visit:

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