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Tuxton launches Santorini Collection

Leading tabletop supplier Tuxton China to the foodservice industry announced the release of their newest chinaware line

Drawing inspiration from the smooth-edged corners of the homes on Santorini, comes a dinnerware collection that will inspire any Chef.

Create magical flavors and breathtaking presentations to lure your guests into a new culinary paradise.

Charlie Tsai, VP of Sales and Marketing says, “Geometric dinnerware shapes are a refreshing makeover from traditional round plates. Santorini’s inventive assortment of squares and rectangles can help inspire iconoclastic food presentations and raise expectations for a culinary experience before the food is even tasted.”

The collection includes square and rectangular pieces, including plates, bowls and ramekins.

Create unique presentations with Tuxton’s Santorini Collection and see all the “Endless Possibilities” that Tuxton has to offer. To see Tuxton’s full line of products visit


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