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Vagabond Group acquires Arthur Court Designs

Leading tabletop company Arthur Court Designs is under new management, relocating to Vagabond Group offices

Vagabond House has announced that it will relocate operations of the well-known brand Arthur Court Designs to the Los Angeles area to be managed and run by Vagabond Group.

The Court brand was founded in 1966 and is recognised worldwide as a pioneer in the giftware industry. The two companies have been undergoing negotiations for quite some time and had come to an agreement prior to the most recent passing of Mr. Court.

Mr. Court sought out the Vagabond House Company to take over his legacy and continue the long standing success it has had. Mr. & Mrs. Court were in full support of the great things to come for the company and its new home and headquarters in Sierra Madre, CA.

The acquisition by Vagabond Group and its Managing Director Scott Haas comes with great opportunity to strengthen the already formidable tabletop company.

Arthur Court Designs will have a separate dedicated sales staff, rep group and a complete operational management team to grow and expand the brand. The design team as well as current sales management will remain the same and will be strengthened and supported by a great team in the Sierra Madre offices.

Matt Hullfish, Arthur Court’s National Sales Manager, commented that he is excited for this great opportunity to expand the Arthur Court brand, grow the existing list of retailers and fortify the customer service available to their current dealers.

Vagabond House has emerged as a premier creator of some of the most beautiful and stunning tableware in the market today. With well over 1500 affiliates worldwide and its entire collection available on-line you will now be able to have a brand for daily use or a brand for a lifetime of giving.

The Arthur Court brand in the late 1970s started casting aluminum serveware. It was picked up by Neiman Marcus and Gump's. In the 1980s alternative metals was a new category. It was picked up by the larger stores and quickly became a booming business. Sand-cast aluminum is what the company was known for. Arthur Court Designs is a leading national brand name in everyday tabletop & giftware. Inspired by nature, Arthur Court crafted this cool, lustrous metal into themes of plants and animals that add elegance to the dining experience.

Haas, Managing Director, feels that having the Arthur Court brand incorporated into the Vagabond Group of companies that “We can give the consumer several options to choose from: a daily use product seen at any breakfast table or that of the amazing table set for any holiday feast.” “We look forward to the continuing success both companies have had and raising the bar in the industry.”

About Vagabond House
Vagabond House was founded in June of 1986 and firmly believes that a world of throw away tableware and disposable gifts is not only environmentally distressing, it also is a world where memories are fleeting and traditions are forgotten. Headed by Lead Creative Designer & Managing Director, Scott Haas, the global family consists of a team of American designers, skilled craftsmen and ambitious sales people that work every day to bring the exceptional designs and outstanding quality to the home. Vagabond House uses only the noblest of materials as they want you to enjoy the best quality tableware.

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