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A very English tea party

Featuring illustrations taken from the Victoria and Albert Museum archives, Creative Tops delivers the Toile tea party set

Creative Tops Ltd, one of the UK’s leading tableware organisations, is pleased to present a range of stunning gift ideas using exquisite illustrations taken from the archives of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Toile Tableware Collection
Nothing is considered as quintessentially English as a tea party. The Toile tea party set is designed so individual pieces can be mixed and matched together to create the ultimate heritage collection.

The elegantly shaped tea cups and saucers feature illustrations adapted from a 19th century printed textile book. The designs have been sympathetically placed across each fine china piece. The scalloped edging across the plates provide a talking point and an interesting point of difference.

Patterns have been lovingly enhanced to create stunning oversized illustrations, as seen on the Ovey Chintz side plate, or delicately arranged, as seen on the Dutch Garland tea cup. Now there’s every excuse to invite friends over for tea.

Creative Tops Ltd
Creative Tops, a Lifetime Brands Inc. company, is a leading manufacturer of quality everyday kitchen and dining products. The company produces bespoke products for the retail industry and also has its own collection of branded products.

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