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Villeroy & Both celebrates 270th anniversary

Paying tribute to 270 years of tabletop design and manufacture, Villeroy & Both re-imagines its first-ever decor, Old Luxembourg, for a modern audience

In 2018, Villeroy & Boch celebrates its 270th anniversary, and in honour of this milestone anniversary, the company will launch new collection Brindille at Ambiente 2018.

With Brindille, Villeroy & Both takes Old Luxembourg, the very first décor in Villeroy & Boch portfolio, and gives it a modern twist.

“The beauty and timelessness of Old Luxembourg, a cherished collection passed down from generation to generation, is celebrated on its 270-year anniversary with a contemporary update,” says the company. 
Brindille celebrates the delicate, blue floral vine pattern that characterises Old Luxembourg with a bolder expression and new form. Traditional in its colour alone, the deep navy blue and white colour theme has been used for centuries in porcelain decor.

The floral motif dates back to the 18th century, to 1768, when the Boch brothers used the delicate Brindille vine in their production of hand-painted, fine earthenware.
Today, the floral vine is reimagined with a modern focus on an updated round form in the Brindille collection.

Brindille is furnished from Premium Porcelain and decorated with a lithographic technique. All pieces are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe and thus made for everyday use. Complete your tablescape with Brindille Glass and Brindille Cutlery.

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