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Villeroy & Boch's versatile tableware series Flow celebrates a decade of tabletop success

This year, Villeroy & Boch’s multi-functional tableware series Flow is celebrating a decade of tabletop success.

Representing a modern, stylish attitude, the fluid curves of the Flow series deliver an effect of sleek, archaic shapes. Every single piece has its own distinctive personality, only revealing its full potential when several pieces are combined.

Based on culinary-oriented themes, the Flow product range consists of both well-known and unusual tableware items, such as a large bowl with handle, opening up lots of possibilities for combinations and uses. Multi-functional pieces, such as the two-in-one plate or the crouton dish, which is designed to hook exactly into the soup dish, make it fun to play with. 

Made from premium porcelain, Flow is dishwasher and microwave-friendly.

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